Student Teaching Original Lesson Plans at Chenery Middle School

Grade 5: Overview Effect - Mixed media landscapes inspired by Daily Overview and Amy Genser

Grade 6: Memory Vessels - Clay coil vessels inspired by Arlene Shechet and Linda Dangoor

7th Grade: Design Your Classroom - Architectural design and model-making to reflect multiple intelligences within our classrooms.

8th Grade: Walking Billboards - Screenprinted t-shirts communicating identity inspired by Corita Kent and Shepard Fairey

Student Teaching at Chenery Middle School with Katie Kelley

Grade 5: Sci Art

Grade 6: Woven Landscapes

Grade 6: Imaginary Ecosystems

Grade 7: Residing in America: Embroidery Self Portraits

Grade 7: Coffee Shop Logos

Grade 8: Imaginary Maps

Museum of Fine Arts Saturday Studio with Laura Ziman

Students participated in a range of art-making activities related to current exhibitions and works displayed in the museum. Lessons included printmaking, sculpture, mark-making, painting, pinch pots.

Achievement First Museum Visits

At Achievement First Crown Heights Middle School, we required that all art students attend at least one museum visit after school or over the weekend. We guided students through many museums across New York City and Brooklyn including the Museum of Modern Art, Whitney Museum, Brooklyn Museum, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

Achievement First 7th and 8th Grade Foundation Art 

Students learned about the elements and principles of art and design. They worked independently and collaboratively on drawing, painting, collage, and photography projects. 

Citizen Schools Apprenticeship with Boston Architectural College

In partnership with Boston Architectural College, students learned about architecture and the design process through a series of lessons: dream classrooms, a space for two, and perspective collages. Students worked collaboratively and had the opportunity to observe, survey, and measure components of the neighborhood’s architecture. The apprenticeship culminated with the design of a community garden.